WWKIP Day 2019: k1♥1 Pic-Knit in Hackney Downs

Oh Yes! It’s nearly that magical day when all the knitters come out into the sunshine and show the world what we do and how much we love it!

Please come and join us  in our special knit love celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Day on 8th June with a fabulous tea-time Pic-knit!

Can’t stand the suspense of waiting until tea-time? (I know, neither can we!)
Well, here’s an all-day k1♥1 plan that you (and any other knitters you love) can start as soon as the shops open..

Make your way to one of the East London Yarn Triangle Shops (Knit with AttitudeFabrications or Wild and Woolly) and pick up a stamp card and special badge. Buy some wool and get your card stamped. *Take the card to the next shop in the triangle. Buy some more wool and get your card stamped again. Repeat from * once more (3 stamps in total).

Go to Hackney Downs Park from 3.30 onwards and join the rest of the pic-knitters for a nice slice of cake, a sit down and a knit.

Put your stamp card in the prize-draw box and wait to find out if you’ve won a goody bag full of goody things.

Have another slice of cake, look around at all the knitters and remind yourself of how much you love it!

You will need..

  • Some comfy shoes if you’re walking your way around the East London Yarn Triangle, or an Oyster card if you’re bussing it
  • your knitting (to do in the park when you get there)
  • some picnic-ish snacks to share
  • a cushion or blanket or chair to sit on in the park
  • lots of ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Optional Extras

  • some lovely knitwear that you’ve made and are wearing (for a chance of winning a bonus prize)
  • children (we will have little needles and pompom makers for smaller knitters who like to make)

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