WWKIPday 2018: Pic-Knit in Hackney Downs

So the sun’s out and the heating’s finally off – it must be time for…

Ohmygoodnessme it’s nearly WWKIP Day. When is it??

This year’s World Wide Knit in Public Day is happening on 9 June, and we’re celebrating in the London Borough of Knitting with a great big East London Triangular woolly Pic-Knit in Hackney Downs park, complete with triangular cucumber sandwiches, triangular shawls, triangular folded napkins and lots of  knitters and their knitting and a host of triangular woolly prizes too.

So when’s this Pic-Knit,What about the prizes and do I have to bring anything with me?

Yes, yes, yes. Here we go…

The Pic-Knit is on Saturday 9 June at 4.30 pm  in Hackney Downs.
We’ll be giving out a grid reference nearer the time, but we shouldn’t be difficult to spot as we’ll have a gazebo and won’t be too far away from the part where the paths cross in the middle of the park.

The prizes are goody bags stuffed with yarn, kits and class vouchers from Fabrications, Knit with Attitude and Wild and Woolly. To be in with a chance of winning a prize you’ll need to visit each shop earlier in the day and get your special ELYT card stamped by each shopkeeper. We’ll do a prize draw of all completed cards at the Pic-Knit. And there’ll be more chances for prizes for the best knitting-in-public #eastlondonyarntriangle pictures posted on Instagram.

Please do also bring picnic-ish snacks and treats – drinks, sandwiches, crisps and cakes all welcome! (square and round is fine and triangular is super).
We’ll do our best to have enough picnic blankets and cushions but any extra will be very welcome.

So I spend the day visiting all the wool shops in Hackney and then end up having a picnic and knitting in the park with a whole load of other knitters?

Hmmm, yes, I think that’s pretty much it, except..


I forgot to say you get a special limited edition ELYT badge from the first shop you visit, to wear all  day and then pin on your project bag.

Are you in?

Am I in? I can’t wait!



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