Why WWKIP Day Treasure Hunt returns

As World Wide Knit in Public Day is fast approaching we tried to come up with something that would intrigue all of you public knitters out there. But then again – why fix something that ain’t broken. We had such a blast last year, following all the Instagram posts that kept popping up during the day – and judging by the photos shared, it seemed to us that the participants of our East London Yarn Trail had a great time too! Just have a look at these:

#eastlondonyarntriangle We're a step closer!

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Knit on the bus… #eastlondonyarntriangle #knitinpublic #knitinpublicday #knitting #wwkip

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We have decided to spruce up the treasure hunt this year – and in addition to the knit stops we are introducing the Secret Yarn Ball hunt and the Golden Tickets, have a look at the details outlined in our last post and please join us for a day filled with fun and public knitting!!!







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