Woolly prizes for treasure seekers..

IMG_8238As part of the ELYT’s 3-woman campaign to make 18th June into Hackney’s woolliest day ever, we want you to capture your knittiest East London Yarn Triangle moments on  your phones and post the pictures on instagram using the hashtags: #eastlondonyarntriangle #wwkipday2016 and to tag whichever shop you’re closest to – either @knitwithattitude @barleymassey or @wildandwoollyshop – or tag us all if you’re not sure.

We’ve got a fun-sized 10% off at each of the shops in the Triangle for ELYT knitters that have posted at least 3 tagged pictures, but there’s lots more treasure waiting for teams who can come up with..

Best yarn bombing shot
Give Hackney a woolly make-over: lamp posts, trees, park benches and statues, for-sale signs, fences and phone boxes – if it’s part of the Hackney landscape, we want to see it  in your knitting!

Most knitters in-the-picture shot
The more, the woollier! Get yer knitting out, make new friends, squeeze together and say Wensleydale!

Most extreme knitting shot
Risqué or Risky, we don’t mind: explore your outrageous side and go wild with your knitting. Just be careful not to drop your stitches..

EastLondonYarnTriangliest Knitters
A special award for the ELYT team that posts the most photos from around Hackney as they go.


Best in Shop Awards:
3 great prizes will be awarded for the:

  • Best Fabrications – Broadway Market pic
  • Best Wild & Woolly – Lower Clapton pic
  • Best Knit with Attitude – Stoke Newington pic

So much for the Awards, what about the prizes?


Purl Alpaca kit with all you need to make a beautiful knitted top.

Fabrications prize_ELYT_01

Handmade vintage patchwork knitting bag with 3 x 150g hand dyed indigo


Iona tank top kit by Libby Summers in chunky Peruvian wool with it’s own knitting project bag.

Fabrications prize_ELYT_02

Loads of goodie bags with mini kits, wool and patterns


Knitters notebooks and knitty fun-badges

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