Welcome to the East London Yarn Triangle


What is the East London Yarn Triangle? It is a collection of three shops, all in the London borough of Hackney. Together they make a triangle of yarn that is easily accessible on transit and by foot. The shops each have their own unique offerings and style and are located in interesting and vibrant neighbourhoods. From socially conscious yarns at Knit With Attitude, to breed specific yarns at Wild and Wooly, to up-cycling knitting and sewing supplies at Fabrications, you are sure to find something for your next project.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the East London Yarn Triangle

  • Jo Everest
    2 years ago

    Wow fabulous to see the East End has such great yarn shops I only know of Prick Your Finger which is near me in Stepney, Will have to check out Hackney…..

    • Hi Jo
      I’m so happy you discovered us – that’s kind of the point with the East London Yarn Triangle – to showcase the wonderful woolly world that resides on this side ‘of town’. Unfortunately Prick your Finger has closed down – otherwise we would have made sure to create a yarn square.

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